Candy Cane Campaign

Candy Cane Campaign

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Candy Cane Campaign:

This holiday season, you can make hope a reality for more low-income families in the Ozarks. With your help, we will give a hand up – not a hand out – to another hardworking family in need.

Goal: $7,500 raised by December 31, 2017

Before we know it, we’ll be gathering together again with friends, family, and loved ones to celebrate the holidays. Especially at this time of year, we give thanks for all that we have been able to accomplish because of your generous and loyal support.

You helped bring strength, stability and self-reliance to families in need of a safe place to live – as they partner with us to achieve a dream they never thought possible…they became homeowners. Just image the joy of families as they spend the holiday season in their very own homes. You made that possible.

This holiday season, please don’t forget there are still many families who are in need of a safe and affordable place to live. Join us to raise $7,500 by December 31, 2017 with the Candy Cane Campaign.

Donate to the Candy Cane Campaign:

Your gift of $25, $50, $100 or more will give a family the opportunity to build and buy their own Habitat home this holiday season! When you support the Candy Cane Campaign, you will give a gift they’ll never forget…a place to call home.

Thank you for helping homeowners achieve strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.
Habitat for Humanity of Springfield, Missouri, Inc.

Campaign to Support Habitat for Humanity of Springfield, Missouri, Inc.

Habitat for Humanity of Springfield, Missouri believes every person in the Springfield and surrounding area deserves a decent place to live. As an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, HFHS impacts more than 110 households a year. Since 1988, HFHS has either built or renovated more than 570 homes, providing shelter for more than 1,100 men, women and children from Greene, Christian, and Webster Counties by helping people gain strength, stability and independence through housing, including home construction, rehabilitation and repairs and by increasing access to improved shelter through products and programs. HFHS is a United Way of the Ozarks partner agency.


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Meet the Taylor Family:

Lyndsay Taylor had little hope of ever owning her own home.  She worked hard, but barely made enough to afford a one-bedroom apartment for her and her three kids, Oliver, Mila and Selma.

"Every time I felt like I would start to get ahead, one of my kids would get sick, or my car would need a repair and it would set us right back," said Lyndsay. "I was tired and I was losing hope."

Fortunately, Lyndsay heard about Habitat for Humanity.  She applied and was accepted into the homebuying program based on her need and willingness to partner in our program. That’s right – we offer families a hand up, not a hand out.

Each family invests hundreds of hours of sweat equity to help build their home.  And when construction is complete, they make affordable mortgage payments that we use to build and repair more homes for families in need!

As you think about being “home for the holidays” this year, will you help ensure that more families like the Taylor’s have a decent and affordable place to live?

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    Jeanne Snawerdt gave a $100 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Rocky and Kathy Snawerdt & family
    Hope you all have a blessed and happy Christmas & new year. Our love to all,
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